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FIWA Campus Visit 2024: Unveils a World of Learning in Singapore-Malaysia

Students at FIWA embarked on a remarkable educational journey during the Campus Visit 2024 in Singapore and Malaysia. From January 9th to 14th, our students delved into a week filled with exploration, learning, and cultural immersion.

The highlight of the trip included visits to prominent universities, fostering a firsthand experience of academic environments. University of Technology Malaysia, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, Universiti Putra Malaysia, and the University of Malaya opened their doors to FIWA students, providing valuable insights into diverse academic programs and campus life.

Beyond the classroom, the students also had the opportunity to explore iconic and historically significant landmarks in Singapore and Malaysia. Among the destinations were the awe-inspiring Merlion, the administrative hub of Putra Jaya, the iconic Petronas Towers, the enriching Museum Orang Melayu, and more.

The FIWA Campus Visit 2024 was not just about academic pursuits; it was a holistic experience that combined both educational and cultural elements. The students engaged in various activities that broadened their perspectives and enriched their understanding of the world.

During the campus tour, students absorbed academic knowledge, participated in interactive sessions, and engaged in discussions with faculty members. Additionally, they explored non-academic facets, immersing themselves in the vibrant cultures, histories, and traditions of both Singapore and Malaysia.

The visit aimed to cultivate a sense of global awareness and foster a deeper understanding of the diverse academic and cultural landscapes present in the region. The journey left an indelible mark on the participants, creating lasting memories and contributing to their personal and academic growth.

FIWA Campus Visit 2024 exemplified our commitment to providing students with a comprehensive educational experience that goes beyond the confines of the classroom. It was a week filled with discovery, exploration, and the forging of connections that will undoubtedly shape the academic and personal trajectories of our students in the years to come. Barakallahu fiihim

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