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Embrace Ramadan's Spirit at FIWA School

Welcome to FIWA School, where Ramadan fills our days with joy and reflection. Let's take a peek into how our students experience this special month!

Qur'an Learning Time:

We start our Ramadan journey by learning from the Qur'an. Teachers guide students in understanding its teachings, helping them grow closer to Allah.

Learning about Islam:

Students explore Islam's teachings, learning about kindness, empathy, and thankfulness. Through talks and activities, they try to live like good Muslims.

Tarawih Prayer:

After the Isha prayer, it's time for Tarawih prayers. Students stand side by side, praying together with serene focus and deep reverence.

Breaking Fast Like the Prophet:

At Maghrib, we break our fast. Following the Prophet's example, we start with dates and water.


Before dawn, we have Sahur together. It's a quiet time for a meal, getting ready for fasting.

Helping Others:

During Ramadan, we engage in acts of charity. We organize foods and drinks for the less fortunate and visit orphanages.

In Conclusion:

At FIWA School, Ramadan isn't just about fasting. It's a time to learn, pray, and care for others. We grow closer to Allah and each other. Come and join us as we embrace the essence of Ramadan at FIWA School!

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