Welcome to Fitrah Islamic World Academy (FIWA)

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Fitrah Islamic World Academy (FIWA) is an International Boarding school located in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. A Research based school that is إن شاء الله the gate of future Ulama, Leaders & Entrepreneurs in facing future Islam.

Recognized as Pesantren Sunnah or Sunnah School, Fitrah Islamic World Academy provides Islamic international education for all Muslims nationally and internationally through Islamic character building based on al Quran and Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Through our extensive, balanced and invigorating Islamic global curriculum, we aim to develop the tenet (aqidah) based on the examples of the first three generations of Islam, solid and shahih Islamic knowledge, leadership and entrepreneurial skills and Islamic manners which will help our students become lifelong learners, leaders, entrepreneurs and global citizens. Attributes such as Islamic ethical, critical thinking, innovative, risk taker and the ability to reflect on learning are imperative which will benefit our students undertake the challenges of life in an ever changing world.

Our strategic and comfortable campus, technology based education, advance facilities, best teachers in every subjects and good student to teacher ratio, ensure that each child receives the individual attention and the support to enable them to achieve their utmost potential in all areas of the curriculum. Their professional and caring approach to learning, based upon mutual respect, support and understanding, creates the ideal environment for children to develop high self-esteem and to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities. Every hour of the activities is set and recorded by our IT system to monitor student development progress to achieve optimum potential of each child.