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FIWA's Academic Prowess Shines Bright: Dominating 'Pekan Raya Ilmiah 2023'

In a resounding success, FIWA students have once again proven their excellence at 'Pekan Raya Ilmiah 2023,' organized by 'UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta.' The dedication and exemplary performance of these students not only bring pride to FIWA School but also highlight their extraordinary talents.

In the National High School Physics Olympiad, Ferrel Ali Aziz Sudrajat, Fitriansyah Adil Zuna, and Ibrohim Lakota secured the coveted 1st place, while Khalifah Rabbani, Yusuf Imantaka Bastari, and Kentaro Rahmansyah Bayuputra claimed the 2nd place. Meanwhile, in the National Middle School Physics Olympiad, M. Faiq Azka, M. Tristan Fairuz Zihni, and M. Raffael Syahbani clinched the 1st place.

The National High School Level Project Exhibition witnessed another triumph for FIWA, with Kael Akmal, Arif Maulana, and Muhammad Abdullah securing the 1st place. A special note of gratitude goes to the dedicated mentors, Ust Tofan Adi Prasetyo, S. Pd., Gr.; Ust Ifan Irfiandi, M. Si; Ust. Komaruddin, M.Si, and Ust Khoirudin Nurkholifah, S. Pd., whose tireless efforts and guidance played an indispensable role in shaping these remarkable achievements. Barakallahu fiikum.


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