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Appreciation from Academy of Ta'allam Arabiyah UIM for Supercamp 2023 Arabic Language Course Participants!

We are extremely proud of the participants of Dauroh Arabiya Supercamp 2023 for receiving appreciation from the renowned Academy of Ta'allam Arabiyah at the Islamic University of Madinah!

This group not only showcased exceptional discipline and organization but also emerged as a beacon of dedication and extraordinary spirit throughout this learning journey. Their commitment to mastering the Arabic language has not only set them apart as outstanding learners but has also added vibrant colors to the collective experience.

In the eyes of the Academy of Ta'allam Arabiyah UIM, this group stands as a testament to the true essence of a learning community, where not only academic excellence but also a spirit of enthusiasm and commitment to knowledge is celebrated.

Congratulations to these exceptional students, and may their journey in mastering the Arabic language continue to be fruitful and inspiring. Barakallahu fiikum.


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