FIWA is an Islamic boarding school with an international standard based on the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wassalam in accordance with the understanding of Salafus shalih.



Fitrah Islamic World Academy will be a world model Islamic School that provides an Islamic, internationally recognized, inclusive, 21st Century education for young Muslim Girls to be successful people in this life and the hereafter, إن شاء الله 



Fitrah Islamic World Academy will provide students with an international standard of education with the Al-Quran & As-Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in accordance with a conception of Salafush Shalih as the basis, which prepares them to become a great mother of future Ulamas, Leaders & Entrepreneurs.  إن شاء الله


1. Islamic Studies 

1. Islamic Character (Adab & Akhlaq)  development implemented in boarding daily life. 

2. Study of  Tauhid, Al-Quran, Tafseer, Fiqh, Hadith, Shiroh (deliverd in Arabic)

3. Arabic (Using Kitab Al Arobiyah Bayna Yadaik) implemented in boarding daily life. 

4. Tahfizh Al-Quran (30 Juz Mutqin, 6 years إن شاء الله).

5. Practices of Ibadah (Adzkar, Sholat Fardhu, and Sholat Sunnah and  Qiyamul lail)

6. Dzikr and Du'a implemented in boarding daily life. 

7. Attending weekly Islamic lecture delivered by kibaar ulama.

8. Islamic English.

2.General Subjects

1. International Curriculum ( Cambridge and others ) for Mathematics, Science, English, Economics, Business Studies, Geography.

2. Social studies, Civics, and Financial Management.

3. Life-skill (Health, Sports, and Beauty), product development and Entrepreneurship.

4. House Management.

6. Dakwah & Social Work.



1. School building is located in CBD - BSD City, Tangerang Selatan, Banten, Indonesia.

2. Full AC class-room.

3. Library and Digital Library.

4. Advance Computer Lab.

5. Blended Learning (Conventional & Computer Based).

6. Multifunction Room and Musholah.

7. Personalized Learning Approach based on the talent, interest, and goals of each student.

8. Highly qualified teachers with a minimum bachelor degree from a national and international university, muslimah, إن شاء الله ala fahmi salaf.

10. Very exclusive, maximum only  16 students per class, إن شاء الله supported by computer technology and artificial intelligence.

11. Under management & License of Fitrah Islamic World Academy, Bogor. Cambridge School & Accredited A from Indonesian government.


1. Boarding is located in exclusive location in BSD City, with إن شاء الله maximum security protection.

2. Maximum 6 students in one room, full AC and full furnish, kitchen.

3. Every 8 students, will be supervised by one highly qualified ustadzah. إن شاء الله she will be a minimum bachelor degree from the best Islamic University, muslimah, إن شاء الله ala fahmi salaf, Hafizhah and fluent in Fushah Arabic.

4. Boarding إن شاء الله will be full Arabic and implemented daily sunnah.

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Should you need more information, please contact Ustadz Hendri Eka Jaya, by phone/whatsapp 0812-9914-0057 or  via email:

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